with Dweller
Sat | Nov 4 Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm
Ages 18 and Up


Puma Blue
Puma Blue is the alias of singer/songwriter & producer Jacob Allen, currently based between London & Atlanta.
Originally finding recognition in the South-East London music scene for his falsetto vocal and dark, lo-fi textures, Puma Blue's music is noted for a blend of sensual grooves and haunting, nocturnal ambience.
His live shows are well regarded and often repeat-attended, performing with a band of close friends from home and blending jazz-influenced improvisation with a vocal energy often likened to Jeff Buckley.
After early online acclaim with a couple of SoundCloud demos, he first gained wider attention with his EPs Swum Baby (2017) and Blood Loss (2018). His debut album 'In Praise Of Shadows' was released in February 2021 via Blue Flowers.
Currently based between London and Berlin, Dweller makes music for the other room. With musical influences spanning from Dub, jazz, Trip-Hop, Techno all the way to Impressionism, Dweller’s music has one foot in his church roots, and one foot in the underground. He brings his love for crate-digging, and his skills as a multi-instrumentalist to his eclectic, retro-futurist sound and unforgettable live sets.