Ana Tijoux
with Ana Tijoux, Salt Cathedral
Tue | Mar 12
Doors: 07:00 pm / Show: 08:00 pm
21 and up


Ana Tijoux

Ana Tijoux is the Chilean hip-hop protester. Her cover letter could well be what media outlets like The Rolling Stones who chose her as the best rapper in Spanish, The New York Times who points to her as the Latin American response to Lauryn Hill, or magazines like Newsweek who ranks her as the most important Latin American rapper on the international scene. Ana Tijoux was born in Lille in 1977. Her parents went into exile during Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile, which has left a mark on her career, marked by a special sensitivity to political and social issues. Her music dialogues to the sound of hip hop, fused. A feminist and activist in her lyrics, she denounces social and cultural deficiencies. In favor of women's rights and against gender violence, in 2014 she highlighted in her album "Vengo" the song "Antipatriarch". They frequently participate in campaigns against inequality and oppression in the world. Tijoux is committed to defending women's rights and has denounced gender violence and inequality. Also the inequality faced by artists in the world of cinema, or singers.

"We realize that in every place we visit, in every news item we see, violence against women is reiterated, multiplied and totally normalized (...) deep down you are being asked with whom you abandon your children when you go on tour, and many times it is women journalists who ask you that, so I wonder: when are the daddy men who leave their children when they go on tour going to ask this question?

"We have to be young, we have to be attractive, we have to be intelligent, but they hope we don't talk too much,
and sing very beautifully and hopefully see ourselves very sexy above the stage (...) one as music questions oneself and says: 'chucha, what is my capacity for movement here', because finally if one says that one has
critical thinking, one is still confronted daily with this, from advertising, from atrophied bodies". Ana is a global artist. About to publish her first book of poetry and her fifth studio album, she dares to go through all the creative processes: she composes, writes and arranges both her own themes and those she develops for different audiovisual projects, from films to documentaries. She has also put herself in front of the camera in films such as La Isla de los Pingüinos or a Chilean series of upcoming premieres and feminist theme called La Jauría.

Salt Cathedral